Thursday, March 10, 2011

No cafes for teens

altChildren under 18 years of age have been barred from Internet Cafés in the Kurunegala district and if they need access a letter must be submitted from the principal of their school, reports said today.

According to a report on The Island newspaper the Kurunegala police are keeping a sharp eye on Internet Cafes in the Kurunegala District and are enforcing laws to control their activities. This follows an order from Senior Superintendent of Police for Kurunegala, Vass Gunawardene.
The owners of the Internet Cafes have been instructed by the police not to allow any children below the age of 18 to enter their cafes.
"During the past few months, several incidents were reported about malpractices at those centers. The main objective of the program is to save our younger generation from various vices," SSP Gunawardene was quoted by The Island as saying.
The program is being implemented by the Kurunegala Police with the assistance of several other police stations under the direct supervision of SSP Gunawardene, the report said.

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